Update of Industrial Equipment

Checks for capacity increasing or other necessary changes, for example, for all types of belt conveyors, feeders, stock yard machines, loaders and unloaders, etc.

Mechanical Design of Belt Conveyors

Dynamic analysis, equipment sizing and all necessary checks to ensure a flawless operation.

Assisting the Assembly, Start-up and Dissassembly

Providing technical support for these tasks.

Mechanical and Structural Calculations

Mechanical and structural calculations for a wide range of equipment.

Inspections in Industrial Equipment and Structures

Preventing failures and accidents.

Accidents and Failures Analysis

Investigating accidents and failures in industrial equipment, searching for their causes and responsibilities.

Resizing of Industrial Structures

Studies for adjusting industrial structures to the customers' needs.

Extensometry and Fatigue Analysis

Analysis of stresses, strains and ascertainment of structural lifespan.

Calculations Reinforced Concrete

Foundations and retaining walls.

Technical Audit of Projects and Engineering Specifications

Project checks according to customers' specifications.

Technical Consulting for Industrial Equipment Purchasing

Aid by the acquisition of industrial equipment, providing all nedded technical support.

Basic Design of Equipment

Solutions for material transport problems.

Optimization of Material Transfer Points

Technical studies and simulations to analyse transfer points. Preventing material damage and chute clogging.